Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence

Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence

Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence

Washington Diplomacy: Profiles of People of World Influence


60 plus interviews from the Washington Diplomat give insights into the forces intersecting and reflecting in the world today.


The events of September 11th have forever ended the debate over whether or not America can isolate itself from the rest of the world. We cannot. Our world is an interconnected one in which two giant oceans are no longer sufficient to give our country the luxury of choosing when and under what circumstances we will engage beyond our borders. All six billion people living on the face of the earth are connected through and by telecommunications, world institutions, markets, energy, food, health, immigration, education and the environment.

In the aftermath of September 11th, a new coalition of alliances is being formed to deal with the shared threat of terrorism. Stopping terrorism will not be the only purpose of this coalition of civilized nations. It will be the catalyst and an important initial challenge, but it will represent only the beginning purpose of a new world order. This will redefine the world and establish new relationships in world affairs for the next generation and beyond.

Foreign policy is not an esoteric theory or a mathematical exercise with equations and formulas. It is the imperfect and imprecise relationship of nations interacting in their own interests. People and personalities shape policy. With this in mind, the thoughts and perspectives of those individuals who seek to influence foreign policy are an invaluable tool in understanding the course of international relations.

This collection of profiles done by John Shaw for the Washington Diplomat is an important book for anyone who is serious about understanding foreign policy. From a Secretary of State to foreign diplomats to academics to members of Congress, John has profiled a wide range of influential and interesting people over the last five years (this Senator from Nebraska not withstanding). John has engaged his subjects and drawn out some of their most creative and original thinking. This book will be on the shelves of those sitting at the controls and levers of foreign policy.

Today, perhaps more than ever, foreign policy matters. Like Truman, Marshall and Vandenberg after World War ii, we are faced with the challenges of leading a redefinition of the world in which we live. These are important times and our increased awareness of them is critical. With this book, John Shaw has made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the people who shape the world around us.

Sen. Chuck Hagel . . .

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