It All Comes Back to Me Now: Character Portraits from the "Golden Apple"

It All Comes Back to Me Now: Character Portraits from the "Golden Apple"

It All Comes Back to Me Now: Character Portraits from the "Golden Apple"

It All Comes Back to Me Now: Character Portraits from the "Golden Apple"


It All Comes Back to Me Now features profiles and touching vignettes about contemporary figures like Jeanine and Al Pirro, Andrew Cuomo, Archbishop Edward Egan, the late John Cardinal O'Connor, the late Monsignor Terry Attridge, and George W. Bush. Also included is a special tribute to former Governor Malcolm Wilson, which was cited as 'The Outstanding Radio or Television Editorial in New York State' by the New York State Broadcasters Association.

It All Comes Back to Me Now also incorporates transcripts of the author's 'Interview with William O'Shaughnessy' cable television program, such as brilliant one-on-one interviews with hostage-journalist Terry Anderson, actor-activist Ossie Davis, president of the Council of American Ambassadors Ogden Reid, editor-in-chief of the New York Post Ken Chandler, former Westchester County Executive Andy O'Rourke, New York State power broker William Plunkett, Gannett's star feature columnist Phil Reisman and national president of the Urban League Hugh Price.


Governor Mario Cuomo

Fordham University Press and my incomparable Nancy threw a little party
at Le Cirque 2000 to celebrate the publication of my first book, Airwaves.
One hundred fifty-five were invited. Three hundred twenty-seven showed
up! One of the guests at the launch was Mario Cuomo himself, who was
on his way out when Ken Auletta and Peter Maas intercepted the governor
and persuaded him to “introduce” the author. “He’s kind of new at this,
Mario. Show him how it’s done. Say something nice

This is what he said:

My name is A1 D’Amato (laughter!). Actually, my name is Mario Cuomo, and I’m mentioned by Mr. O’Shaughnessy in the book. and I’m so favorably mentioned that I dare not say anything to rebut the presumptions he created there. I’ve been given just thirty seconds to introduce the feature of the evening and the only speaker of the evening and the reason we all came. If you look around at the room and measure the people who came, you get some idea as to who O’Shaughnessy is. This is an extraordinary gathering. I’ve been here before. I’ve even been here for a book party by my wife that starred Hillary Clinton a couple of weeks ago, and this is a more impressive crowd to me. (Matilda, fortunately, is in Paris at the moment and can’t hear me!) There are all kinds of people here—a lot of bright people, a lot of people from different parts of our society—and they are all here to honor Bill O’Shaughnessy and his extraordinary writing and talent. I’ve asked three or four of them, “Actually, what is it about O’Shaughnessy?” and they all say the same thing. They say he’s good with people. He’s good at understanding people. He’s good at being with people, and he’s especially good at speaking about them and speaking words that he’s written himself. That’s what I saw in Bill O’Shaughnessy very early. and that’s what I have witnessed in all the years I’ve known . . .

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