Total Relationship Marketing

Total Relationship Marketing

Total Relationship Marketing

Total Relationship Marketing


This third edition of Total Relationship Marketing confirms it as a classic text on the subject of relationship marketing and CRM, areas which have become accepted - and debated - parts of marketing but are currently undergoing dramatic change.

A major contribution to marketing thought internationally, this seminal title presents a powerful in-depth analysis of relational approaches to marketing where the three words relationships, networks and interaction are king. The book effects a dramatic shift in the fundamentals of marketing thought, with the author's refined model of thirty relationships, the 30Rs, presenting a sophisticated and cogent challenge to the traditional 4Ps schema. Previous editions were widely praised as breakthrough texts in the field, combining incisive and searching analysis with an accessible and pragmatic approach to putting the theory to work.

This third edition is the first book on relationship marketing and CRM to integrate the ongoing evolution in marketing through the service-dominant logic, lean consumption and the customer's value chain, the augmented role of the customer in value creation, the increasing importance of customer-to-customer (C2C) interaction, network-based many-to-many marketing, and marketing accountability and metrics. It addresses both the high tech, information technology aspects of marketing and the high touch, human aspects. Further, customer-centricity is suggested to be broadened to balanced centricity, a trade-off between the needs of all stakeholders of a network of relationships. Examples, cases, concepts and references have been updated.

Highly informative, practical in style and packed with illustrations from real companies, Total Relationship Marketing is an essential resource for all serious marketing practitioners as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students.


The purpose of this book is to contribute to a more realistic approach to marketing management. It addresses the question: ‘ What do you learn if you look at marketing as relationships, networks and interaction, and what can you do with this knowledge? ’ This way of approaching marketing is referred to as relationship marketing (RM), and within this concept the topical issues of customer relationship management (CRM) and one-to-one marketing belong.

The book has been written for all those who want to develop their knowledge of marketing: practitioners, students, educators and researchers. As marketing management permeates every activity in today’s business – and not only the marketing and sales departments – this book will be of particular interest to top executives and managers of all types of functions.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to rm and its 30 relationships, the 30Rs, prevalent in business. This is by far the broadest and most comprehensive framework of rm that has been designed; hence the reference to total relationship marketing. Each relationship is then covered in more detail in Chapters 2–5. Chapter 6 is about marketing metrics and return on relationships (ROR), that is, the financial effects of rm and the effects on relationship-oriented marketing and business planning. Chapter 7 deals with rm and new organizational formats, captured under the term network organization; the chapter also puts rm and its organization in the context of the market economy. Chapter 8 covers theories and experiences that have formed the foundation of rm, describes how rm and crm have emerged from these, and forebodes a paradigm shift in marketing.

The structure of the book, particularly the presentation of the 30Rs, is, in a sense, encyclopaedic – a hypertext in modern terminology – which gives readers the option to look up what they are interested in without having to read every page in sequence from cover to cover.

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