And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves

And Yet It Moves


In this exquisite debut short story collection, people with unusual jobs and lives embark on extraordinary journeys. A taboo romance breaks the laws of gravity. Albert Einstein writes letters to the daughter he abandoned. A female physicist meets Stephen Hawking in a bar.... In the closing novella, All Those Stairs, an elevator operator with a genius IQ rides up and down all day enclosed in a metal box. Author Erin Stalcup explores these lives with remarkable compassion, depth, and insight examining loss and longing, and how our bodies and minds can be both weighted and freed. And Yet It Moves is a powerful combination of both absurdist and realist--stories that literally defy gravity.


“We are suspenders of disbelief, easily enchanted by possibility,
addicted to wonder. So whatever measure of faith we harbor in
the fallibility of gravity may, like our faith in so many things,
be sustained not by facts or lack of facts as much as by the
sheer strength of our longing for it to be so.”

—JON mooallem

I longed to fall in love in the way of the cinema, fairy tales, tall tales and great novels of all time—I had faith it would happen to me someday, any day now.

He dressed like a banker but didn’t stand like one. I wore skirts every day. We didn’t always ride the elevator together, but often. If we were waiting for it side by side, when it arrived he would hold the door, let me walk in first as if he’d opened that door, as if he had drawn aside a velvet curtain to a box seat at the opera. I’d walk to the corner and he’d stand in front of me, let me see his back. He wore well-cut suits I could sense the texture of just by looking—I didn’t touch, for a long time. the elevator floor pushed against our feet and our feet pushed downward, driven by a force that felt like it was coming from above, but wasn’t, instead drawn down from the center of the earth that wanted us to return to where we came . . .

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