Indianapolis: The Circle City

Indianapolis: The Circle City

Indianapolis: The Circle City

Indianapolis: The Circle City


Indianapolis shines like never before in this one-of-a-kind book filled with stunning images. Photographer Lee Mandrell showcases a Circle City of unique architecture and natural areas, outstanding museums, and historic landmarks. Readers will be drawn into the rich culture, history, and art of Indianapolis as well as all things modern. Discover Indy today! Stroll along the famous Canal Walk. Explore the largest children's museum in the world. Wander through the city's parks and enjoy beautiful seasonal displays. Marvel at the campuses of Butler University and IUPUI. The city shines all year round and in December, no holiday tour is complete without seeing the 284-foot tall Soldiers and Sailors Monument covered in lights and the world's largest Christmas tree. The Crossroads of America is a city not easily forgotten.


By Matthew Tully

For me as a writer it is always humbling to work with great photographers, and I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to work with many of them. No matter what I’ve written, no matter how good I might think a piece of work is, time and again I’ve found that a photographer with a sharp eye and a passion for the job can help an ink-stained newspaper columnist like me reach people in a way that words alone rarely can.

And a great photo, a great series of photos, can help you understand an issue, a person, or even a city better than you thought possible.

Some of the best photos capture moments so fleeting that most of us would have missed them. Others take us into worlds we didn’t know existed. and some photographs—and this might actually be the most challenging task of all—tackle subjects that we have seen hundreds or thousands of times before. They show us subjects so familiar to us, so much a part of our lives, yet they offer a perspective or a slice of beauty and color that we have never seen.

In this stunning book of photography, Lee Mandrell offers scores of beautiful and vibrant photos of Indianapolis, the city I’ve lived in and around most of my adult life. He has captured public buildings, museums, parks, and monuments that hold deep and important memories for me and so many other Hoosiers. This book showcases the Statehouse, the downtown canal, Monument Circle, the zoo, and so many other locations that feel almost like second homes.

But here’s the amazing part: Lee so often does this while allowing us to see these places and our hometown in entirely new ways. the triumph of this book is that Lee has created fresh images of the places and buildings we know so well.

Perhaps Lee’s photos of the Indiana Statehouse struck me most. This building means the world to me. An early assignment there, an assignment granted to a green and unpolished reporter who’d only recently broken into the newspaper business, provided me with a path to a wonderful career in writing and reporting. And, on a much more important note, I care about the building because it’s where I met my wife twenty years ago. I’ve spent countless hours in the statehouse, not always loving the politics unfolding inside it but always appreciating the craft and architecture that went into creating it so long ago. I’ve studied and photographed it many times, struck by its beauty and history.

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