Planning Successful Meetings and Events: A Take-Charge Assistant Book

Planning Successful Meetings and Events: A Take-Charge Assistant Book

Planning Successful Meetings and Events: A Take-Charge Assistant Book

Planning Successful Meetings and Events: A Take-Charge Assistant Book


"Planning a meeting or event is no easy task. Just ask any of the administrative staffers who are increasingly being asked to do it. One minor mistake -- a plane ticket that doesn't arrive on time, not enough vegetarian meals at the luncheon, the wrong kind of audio/visual equipment -- can mean big trouble.

Now this handy little how-to guide takes secretaries and assistants through the entire process step-by-step. From site selection and registration do's and don'ts to negotiating with vendors and food and beverage planning, this book gives them everything they need to get a meeting planned right.

Packed with floor plans, checklists, glossaries of industry-specific terms, lists of resources, and more, Planning Successful Meetings and Events is sure to transform any take-charge assistant into the Martha Stewart of meeting and event planning. It's a good thing."


Meetings have been held throughout the centuries; although the venues have changed, much has stayed the same. Oratorical skills were appreciated, philosophies were presented, the word was spread, people met to learn, listen, and make assessments—and all that continues in meetings today. Then and now, educators introduce current issues to the masses. There were and are political meetings, business meetings, public meetings, religious meetings, social meetings, and more.

Meetings as we know them today embrace many forms. Any gathering, large or small, with goals, objectives, or a planned agenda constitutes a meeting. Meetings may take many months of preparation, or they may be called at a moment’s notice.

Many of us are not aware that when we plan a meeting, we become part of the large number of people who operate within the parameters of what has become known as the meeting industry. the meeting industry is relevant and helpful to us today as it provides us with information, formal guidelines for planning meetings, resources, and benchmarks from which to operate.

Many years ago, as an executive secretary to the treasurer of a Fortune 500 company, I organized board meetings. At that time, no specific meeting planning association was in existence, nor were there publications to provide information and resources.

A few years later, professional meeting associations were established; an entrepreneur who saw the need also began producing meeting conferences. I recall clearly my first “industry meeting.” It was a meeting for people with positions similar to mine: secretaries, nurses, and med-

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