Jupiter's Children

Jupiter's Children

Jupiter's Children

Jupiter's Children


On 21 October 1988, after only 15 minutes at sea, the cruiseliner Jupiter collided with an Italian ship in the Aegean Sea and sank, with the loss of four. On board were 391 schoolchildren, 84 adults and 110 crew. This book presents personal accounts of the disaster by 29 of those who suffered.


It is with awe, amazement and an immense feeling of pride and respect that I write this foreword.

Awe, that so many people … youngsters could pull together in such treacherous conditions and help themselves and complete strangers to survive.

Amazement that this could have happened at all, and that similar incidents have continued to occur.

Pride and respect that with the majority of the passengers being British, they behaved with such compassion, warmth and strength.

British youth is often berated and deemed to be selfish, with no purpose in life, this book shows the true character of our nation.

Simon Weston . . .

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