How to Write about the Media Today

How to Write about the Media Today

How to Write about the Media Today

How to Write about the Media Today


A comprehensive and practical guide to writing a successful media paper or report, from selecting a topic to submitting the final draft.

• Offers timelines students can use to pace themselves throughout the research and writing process

• Examples of different formatting styles are included along with a checklist for final papers


Writing is an essential skill. Students need to write well for their coursework. Businesspeople need to express goals and strategies clearly and effectively to staff and clients. Grant writers need to target their proposals to their funding sources. Corporate communications professionals need to convey essential information to shareholders, the media, and other interested parties. There are many different types of writing, and many particular situations in which writing is fundamental to success. the guides in this series help students, professionals, and general readers write effectively for a range of audiences and purposes.

Some books in the series cover topics of wide interest, such as how to design and write Web pages and how to write persuasively. Others look more closely at particular topics, such as how to write about the media. Each book in the series begins with an overview of the types of writing common to a practice or profession. This is followed by a study of the issues and challenges central to that type of writing. Each book then looks at general strategies for successfully addressing those issues, and it presents examples of specific problems and corresponding solutions. Finally, each volume closes with a bibliography of print and electronic resources for further consultation.

Concise and accessible, the books in this series offer a wealth of practical information for anyone who needs to write well. Students . . .

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