Commentary on Exodus

Commentary on Exodus

Commentary on Exodus

Commentary on Exodus


In this volume Thomas Dozeman presents a fresh translation of the Hebrew text of Exodus along with a careful, critical interpretation of its central themes, literary structure, and history of composition. He explores two related themes in the formation of the book of Exodus: the identity of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and the authority of Moses, the leader of the Israelite people. / Dozeman clarifies the multiple literary genres within the text, identifies only two separate authors in the book's composition, and highlights the rich insights that arise from the comparative study of the ancient Near Eastern literary tradition. Also treating the influence of Exodus in the history of Jewish and Christian interpretation, Dozeman's comprehensive commentary will be welcomed by Old Testament scholars.


Many colleagues have contributed to the research and writing of this Commentary. I would like to thank my fellow researchers on the Pentateuch in the Society of Biblical Literature, who continually surprise me with new insights into old texts. the footnotes have been kept to a minimum. the bibliography is expanded beyond the footnotes, but also selected. the commentaries on Exodus by Brevard Childs, Cornelis Houtman, and William Propp were constant partners in my research and especially helpful resources in the history of interpretation, lexicography, and textual criticism. I regret that my manuscript was completed before the publication of William Propp’s second volume, Exodus 19-40 (The Anchor Yale Bible Commentary; Yale University Press, 2006), which I heartily recommend to readers.

I am especially grateful to my editor, David Noel Freedman. It was a pleasure to have such a seasoned scholar as an editor, who knew more about the book of Exodus than I. He graciously offered insights into the material, which I have often incorporated verbatim, while all the time encouraging my research even in those areas where he disagreed with me. What a gift!

I would like to thank Allen Myers for overseeing the Commentary from its early formation to its completion, and Linda Bieze for steering the volume through the editorial process.

I dedicate the Commentary to my wife, Mary R. Talen. Our ongoing conversations about biblical interpretation and her research in psychology always enrich my work.

Thomas B. Dozeman

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