This House of Noble Deeds: The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002

This House of Noble Deeds: The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002

This House of Noble Deeds: The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002

This House of Noble Deeds: The Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002


On January 15, 1852, nine men representing various Hebrew charitable organizations came together to establish the Jews' Hospital in New York with a vision of offering free medical care to the indigent Hebrews in the City who were unable to provide for themselves during their illness. This was the beginning of The Mount Sinai Hospital.

Now, a century and a half later, This House of Noble Deeds celebrates the scientific and medical achievements of The Mount Sinai Hospital. From its original 45-bed building, the Mount Sinai Medical Center has developed into a state-of-the-art facility comprising a 1200-bed hospital, a major medical school, and a research enterprise with a faculty of almost 3000.

Arthur H. Aufses, Jr. and Barbara J. Niss have identified and documented the most important scientific contributions of Mount Sinai over the past 150 years. They present histories of each major department and division, rich with anecdotes, biographical sketches, and photographs. In addition, they share the fascinating story of the hospital's creation and development, a story that ultimately transcends the parameters of the hospital itself and speaks to the broader matter of Jewish and medical history in New York.


The tradition of an academic institution is based on the particular and
frequently unique characters of the men [sic] who make up its com
munity of scholars. Long before it became a medical school Mount
Sinai was, besides being a hospital, an academic institution dedicated
to teaching and research. the unusual aura of the Mount Sinai Hos
pital was based upon this uniqueness.

It is the men and women of the Mount Sinai Hospital, their unique characters, and especially their accomplishments, that this book celebrates. Nowhere is the expression “We stand on the shoulders of giants” more true than at Mount Sinai. the 150th anniversary of the Hospital, in 2002, provides an ideal opportunity to honor those who established the clinical reputation of the Mount Sinai Hospital of New York and paved the way for the academic health center of today.

The goal of this book is to describe the scientific contributions of the staff of the Mount Sinai Hospital over the past 150 years. This is not a history of the institution, per se. in 1952, two publications heralded the one-hundredth anniversary of the Hospital. The First 100 Years of the Mount Sinai Hospital of New York: 1852–1952, by Joseph Hirsh and Beka Doherty, detailed the expansion and development of the institution in the context of the growth and changes occurring in New York and in medicine. in November 1952, the American Journal of Medicine reprinted a dozen seminal articles by members of the staff and made reference to a number of others. Other than our own Levy Library reprint collection, there is no other compendium of the important works produced by the staff. We hope that this volume will help to fill that void.

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