The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam

The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam

The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam

The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam


This collection features such stories as "Passenger Train Number 9"; "The Little People"; "The Phantom Rider of the Confederacy"; "The Demon of Wizard Clip"; "Room for One More"; "Tavern of Terror"; "The Surrency Ghost"; "The King's Messengers"; "The Haunted Gold Mine"; "The Singing River"; "The Gray Lady"; "Railroad Bill"; and "The Haunted Car".


She was sure she had seen a horrible train
wreck, but the stationmaster said there had
not been a wreck

Do people have premonitions of fearful events which are going to happen to them in the future? How can we tell how often premonitions like this come true, especially if the people are no longer here to tell us.

The baggage master was a tall thin man with a prominent nose and fair skin so transparent the bony structure of his face could be plainly seen beneath it. His eyebrows were a sandy color tipped with gray and the blue eyes which peered out from beneath them had a surprising degree of sparkle and humor. Right now he was scrutinizing his watch observing that it was almost one o’clock in the morning and satisfied that all the baggage was loaded and the train would be leaving Salisbury for Asheville, North Carolina, in a few minutes.

The steam engine spewed forth smoke and cinders, the cry of the whistle was a thin, earsplitting shriek in the stillness of the early morning. the baggage master’s name was H. K. Linster and he was from Statesville where he usually got off for a few . . .

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