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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Business Strategy


Setting business strategy enables you to develop absolute clarity, establish priorities, organize resources and get better results than ever before. A strategic plan helps crystalize the future of an organization--mapping a clear path from where the company stands today to where you wish it to be.

It may sound complicated, but Brian Tracy knows how to make it simple. Throughout his career, he has shown countless leaders and organizations how to achieve stunning success. In this concise and practical book, he shares the most important lessons for strategic planning. Readers will discover how to:

  • Ask the five key questions vital to any strategic plan
  • Determine a corporate mission that lifts and inspires people
  • Gain valuable insight with market share/market growth and strategy/operations matrices
  • Define themselves in relation to their competition
  • Utilize the concept of "driving force"
  • Anticipate crises
  • Reposition their business with new products, services, and technologies
  • Measure success via clear financial objectives
  • And more

Incorporating examples ranging from Alexander the Great to IBM and General Electric, Tracy gives readers proven ideas for increasing their company's ROI and maximizing their strengths and opportunities. Powerful and portable, Business Strategy will help readers take control of their company's destiny.


We all have turning points in our lives, after which nothing is ever the same. When I was in my twenties, I stumbled across the subject of goals. Within thirty days my life had changed forever.

Over the years, I studied goals and learned how important they were for both business and personal success. One of the discoveries that astonished me was finding that less than 3 percent of people at all levels of business and industry have clear, specific, written, time-bounded goals for their lives that they are working toward on a daily basis.

As I began to implement goal setting in my own life and experience the remarkable changes that working toward clearly defined goals can bring about, I became interested in the subject of strategy, especially business strategy, which is . . .

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