Social Work in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Social Work in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Social Work in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Social Work in Mental Health and Substance Abuse


This book examines many of the predominant issues in the field of social work in mental health and substance abuse today. Topics discussed include incarceration of drug abusers, methadone treatment for heroin users, and substance abuse among sex workers. It also examines how parental smoking affects children’s attitudes, binge drinking, and the correlation between depression and socio-demographic factors. The book also explores help for homeless drug abusers and more.


Social work is a difficult field to operationally define, as it is practiced differently in many settings. It is a very diverse occupation and one that can be practiced in settings such as hospitals, clinics, welfare agencies, schools, and private practices.

The main goal of all social work practice is to assist the client to function at the best of their ability and assess what their needs are. Social workers help clients with problem-solving strategies, such as defining personal goals, focusing on what is necessary to make changes, and helping them through the process.

Social work is a demanding field and is often emotional draining. Many social workers have large caseloads, limited resources for their clients, and often work for relatively low salaries. But the personal rewards can be very satisfying.

The social work profession is committed to promoting social and economic policy though helping to improve people’s lives. Research is conducted to improve social services, community development, program evaluation, and public administration. the importance of research in these areas is to examine variables that can be addressed in order to resolve issues. Research can lead to what is called “best practice”. By utilizing “best practice”, a social worker is engaging clients based on research that is intended to increase successful outcomes.

Social work is one of the most diverse careers available. Most social workers are employed by health care facilities and government agencies. These facilities can . . .

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