All Things to All Cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans

All Things to All Cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans

All Things to All Cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans

All Things to All Cultures: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans


All Things to All Cultures sets Paul in his first-century context and illuminates his interactions with Jews, Greeks, and Romans as he spread the gospel in the Mediterranean world. In addition to exploring Paul's context and analyzing his letters, the book has chapters on the chronology of Paul's life, the text of the Pauline letters, the scholarly contributions to our understanding of Paul over the last 150 years, and the theology of the Pauline corpus.

There is no comparable introduction to Paul that integrates the Jewish, Greek, and Roman influences on him and the letters that make up a substantial portion of the New Testament.

Contributors :
Mike Bird
Cavan Concannon
David Eastman
Chris Forbes
Mark Harding
Tim Harris
Jim Harrison
Paul McKechnie
Brent Nongbri
Ian Smith
Murray Smith
Larry Welborn


The Apostle Paul generated controversy during his lifetime and in the early centuries of the spread of Christianity. His writings and legacy have been revered, maligned, set aside, re-interpreted, not to mention scrutinized for authenticity, and never more than since the late nineteenth century in New Testament research.

This collection is not meant to be comprehensive in any way, but it does represent a range of scholarly reflections on several facets of St Paul’s life, ministry and influence. All contributors have links in varying degrees with the Australian College of Theology and/or the Department of Ancient History at Macquarie University (often with both institutions). the research collaboration of these two institutions has been fruitful and is ongoing. It extends well beyond the authors whose chapters are published here and in the preceding work with the same editors as this volume, The Content and Setting of the Gospel Tradition (Eerdmans, 2010). We hope to bridge some of the gap which can occur between Classical/Ancient History studies and those of the New Testament.

The Ancient History Department at Macquarie has long had a focus on the Greco-Roman setting of the New Testament. Its Ancient Cultures Research Centre series, New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity (ten volumes to date), now published by Eerdmans, discusses evidence for the background of the New Testament in published inscriptions and papyri. the Society for the Study of Early Christianity, also based in the Research Centre, funds annual conferences, seminar series and an international Visiting Scholar in the field. the Centre has had a long-term interest too in the papyri from Egypt which bear on the history of Christianity. Many of the essays included in this volume illustrate the fruits of the historical enquiry fostered there.

The act has been a major provider of theological education since its establishment by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia in 1891. the act operates nationally as a network of affiliated colleges. Each college has its own well-qualified academic staff teaching a range of disciplines, including the New Testament and its Greco-Roman and Jewish setting. Five of the fourteen contributors to this volume are full-time act academic staff members. Several others enjoy honorary associate status at act colleges.

The provenance of several of the contributors demonstrates also the strong links which have been forged in the past decade with North American Biblical scholars, via the annual North American and the International Society of Biblical Literature Meetings.

The varied views expressed in the individual chapters are the work of their authors. All the chapters were independently and anonymously peer reviewed and revised in the light of comments received. the views expressed are those of the authors of the individual contributions. This means that the positions taken in the individual chapters are not necessarily in agreement . . .

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