The Message of the New Testament

The Message of the New Testament

The Message of the New Testament

The Message of the New Testament


For nearly 2,000 years the New Testament has been loved, hated, treasured, criticized, believed, derided, read and studied, sometimes even died for. Few believers would ever question its importance as the authoritative documentary basis for the Christian faith. Yet the message of the New Testament has not always been clearly understood, even by those who have read and reread it.

In this book -- now a modern classic -- the most respected evangelical scholar of the past generation guides readers to a clearer understanding of the New Testament's message. Beginning with Mark and proceeding through Paul's epistles, Luke and Acts, Matthew, Hebrews, the general epistles and gospel, F. F. Bruce looks at the individuality of the New Testament writers and explains the distinctive contribution their book or group of books makes to the overall message of the New Testament.

By concentrating on major themes and not fine detail, Bruce succeeds in presenting the central teachings of the New Testament in a compact way. As his profound yet highly accessible scholarship demonstrates, though the New Testament is diverse in both form and content, it nevertheless communicates powerfully the unified witness that Jesus Christ is Lord.


The justification for putting the following chapters Together in this form lies in the call for a companion volume to H. L. Ellison’s The Message of the Old Testament in “The Christian Student’s Library”. the “Christian student” for whom this series is intended is a non-specialist, and for his sake I have tried not to obtrude the common apparatus of critical study. It is hoped, however, that the individuality of the writers of the New Testament and of their contributions to its message has been brought out.

A word of apology is due to other authors who have written books bearing the same title as this, especially to my friend and colleague Eric Hull, who wrote The Message of the New Testament for the Religious Education Press “Understanding the Bible” series. and more than a word of thanks is due to Miss Margaret Hogg for her faultless typing of the whole work.

The dedication marks the conclusion of an association of nearly thirty years with the North Midlands Young People’s Holiday Conference, at which I have on many occasions expounded various parts of the New Testament message.


October, 1972 . . .

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