Mastering Import & Export Management

Mastering Import & Export Management

Mastering Import & Export Management

Mastering Import & Export Management


For growth opportunities, look beyond the borders.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, more than $1.6 trillion in goods are exported annually to dozens of countries, while nearly $2.4 trillion are imported. That's big business for anyone who can navigate the complicated rules and mitigate the risks surrounding international trade.

Filled with step-by-step instructions, cost-effective strategies, and ready-to-use forms, this third edition of Mastering Import & Export Management walks you through every key area--from handling logistics to building a global team to complying with post-9/11 security measures to clearly documenting shipments using Incoterms. Completely updated, the guide simplifies the latest regulations and gathers best practices in an evolving field, including:

Strategies for reducing risk and spend in global supply chains • New documentation, operations, and procedures • Trade compliance SOPs • Guidance on managing transportation service providers • E-commerce in international trade

For managers and operating personnel with the knowledge and tools to overcome challenges, the world of exporting and importing offers lucrative new frontiers.


Thomas continually impresses me. He has become a leader in the field of global supply chain management. His ability to articulate the issues and offer “hands-on” solutions to corporate America is outstanding.

Tom has a significant capability to deliver the message and motivate each one of us to execute our import and export responsibilities to an impressive level of near perfection.

This book is just one of a series of written communications that teaches us all the “skill sets” we need to manage our business responsibilities and provides an intriguing insight into post 9/11 security and compliance management concerns.

This third edition of Mastering Import & Export Management fills an important void in the information and skill set development required to succeed in the field of global supply chain management. Neither prior to nor since September 11, 2001 has a book covered all the old and new supply chain import/export management issues and offered an array of cost-effective options in bringing competitive advantage and reducing global risks.

I am the New York District Export Council’s chairman chairman emeritus and founder of the National Institute for World Trade ( and have served in various capacities in global trade for more than thirty years. Tom has impressed me with his knowledge of all the current issues in importing and exporting and delivers a comprehensive and articulate message in this book.

In this third edition, Tom has “raised the bar” of expansive information flow, skill set development, and grand solutions to how goods and services move in the global supply chain in 2017 and beyond.

I can speak firsthand as a client, colleague, and friend of Tom’s—this is a must-read book and a key addition to every supply chain manager’s library.

Spencer Ross Chairman Emeritus National Institute for World Trade New York, New York

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