An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts

An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts

An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts

An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts


In this book Charles Puskas and David Crump provide a solid, student-friendly introduction to the four Gospels and the book of Acts. Leading students through the texts, highlighting the various literary devices and themes, and pointing out the historical and cultural contexts, An Introduction to the Gospels and Acts is a fruitful collaboration between a mainline scholar (Puskas) and a more evangelical scholar (Crump), who clearly articulate their own opinions while charitably engaging a wide spectrum of scholarship.

The coverage of the Gospels and Acts throughout is clear, comprehensive, and well documented. Maps, charts, outlines, and tables round out the wealth of information offered here. Evenhanded and nonpolemical, this text will be valuable both for students with a previous foundation of biblical study and for those with little or no Bible background.


This book was born from the collaboration and friendship of two different types of scholars — one mainline, the other more evangelical in orientation. Several years ago, as we visited together in my office, I (David Crump) shared my frustration at failing to discover a single-volume, introductory textbook to both the Gospels and the book of Acts. For, as the reader will soon discover, the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles were originally written as a single, two-volume work, so that neither may be properly understood apart from the other. As fortune (or Providence) would have it, Charles Puskas had once tried to fill this void with a book that was still waiting to see the light of day. He generously entrusted his manuscript to me and asked for my input, something he received most graciously as I offered my additions and subtractions to his already excellent work. I am happy to say that our collaboration has resulted in the present text, which not only meets a definite need but does so in a rather distinctive fashion.

Beginning with the Big Picture

Exploring new territory requires taking in the big picture before choosing a particular course for the journey. Similarly, introducing students to New Testament studies should open their eyes to the breadth of opinion throughout the discipline rather than focusing on only one way of thinking. This book attempts to do the former by introducing its readers to the various ways historical and literary evidence can be evaluated depending . . .

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