Truffaut on Cinema

Truffaut on Cinema

Truffaut on Cinema

Truffaut on Cinema


Between 1959 and 1984, French film director Francois Truffaut was interviewed over three hundred times. Each interview offers critical insight into the genesis of Truffaut's films as he shares the sources of his inspiration, the choice of his themes, and the development of his screenplays. In addition, Truffaut discusses his relationships with collaborators, actors, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting of each film. These texts, originally assembled by Anne Gillain and published in French in 1988, are presented here in a montage arranged chronologically by film. This compilation includes an impressive array of reflections on cinema as an art form. Truffaut defines the aims and practices of the French New Wave, comparing their efforts to the films made by their predecessors and including comments that encompass the entire history of cinema. Truffaut on Cinema provides commentary on contemporary events, a wealth of biographical information, and Truffaut's own artistic itinerary.


Anne Gillain

While reading Alistair Fox’s precise and elegant translation of a volume I edited some thirty years ago, I was transported back to the time when I undertook this project and lived for almost a year with Truffaut’s words resonating in my ear. I remember those days all the more vividly because it was in 1984, the year he died. I had actually mentioned to him in the fall of 1983 that I planned to collect his interviews. My letters had remained unanswered.

Our correspondence had started in 1979 after I met him in Paris to discuss my intention of writing a critical book on his films. I lived in the Boston area and, over the years, his letters kept me informed of the progress of his work. For instance, The Last Metro:

19 Dec. 79

On the 28th [of November], I started on Le Dernier Métro with Catherine
Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu, Andrea Ferréol, and Jean Poiret, over the
course of 14 weeks in Paris.

29 August 1980

After two or three screenings held for Gaumont and the financiers of the
film, I am somewhat more confident. This time, I am hoping to get the same
kind of enthusiastic reception that greeted Baisers volés and La Nuit améri
. We will be finished on the 17th of September. I will send you the press
kits through the next mail and the other things for which you are waiting.

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