Baseball beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime

Baseball beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime

Baseball beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime

Baseball beyond Our Borders: An International Pastime


Baseball Beyond Our Borders celebrates the globalization of the game while highlighting the different histories and cultures of the nations in which the sport is played.

This collection of essays tells the story of America's national pastime as it spread across the world and underwent instructive, entertaining, and sometimes quirky changes in the process. Covering nineteen countries and a U.S. territory, the contributors show how each country imported baseball, how baseball took hold and developed, how it is organized, played, and followed, and what local and regional traits tell us about the sport's place in each culture.

But what lies in store as baseball's passport fills up with far-flung stamps? Will the international migration of players homogenize baseball? What role will the World Baseball Classic play? These are just a few of the questions the authors pose.


The way baseball is played in Cuba, Japan, and Australia looks much like how the game is played in the United States. the players use the same gloves and bats, wear similar uniforms, and play by the same basic rules. But beneath the outward similarity there is usually a very different history and culture influencing the sport’s nuances. Even how players and their fans think about the game and what they value are not the same. As journalist turned baseball executive Joseph A. Reaves notes about baseball in Asia, “It can look so similar and somehow feel so different.” Like others, we are interested in those similarities and differences, about how the game is played and what it means around the world.

This book is an updated and expanded version of the first edition of Baseball without Borders. It examines the game’s history and current status in six more countries than its predecessor. There are new chapters about baseball in Finland, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Venezuela, and the Australian state of Tasmania. Many of the original chapters have been significantly revised.

The essays in this new and expanded collection explore baseball in nineteen nations, Tasmania, and Puerto Rico (a U.S. territory). the essays are diverse not only in the settings and cultures they describe, but also in the perspectives adopted by their authors, who range from anthropologists to historians, from journalists to English professors, with a few independent scholars and a coach as well. the essays are also . . .

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