The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone

The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone

The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone

The Optimistic Workplace: Creating an Environment That Energizes Everyone


When it comes to work these days, we're expected to do more with less--but is this nose-to-the-grindstone philosophy the best way to run a business? Alarmingly low employee engagement numbers indicate otherwise.

So, if pushing everyone harder isn't the path to productivity, what is? Supported by the latest research, this eye-opening book argues that our best work is the product of a positive environment. That's good news for you as a manager. While you can't personally transform the corporate culture, you can influence the workplace climate and create meaningful and lasting change.

Advocating a steward model of management, The Optimistic Workplace reveals how to:

Explore personal and organizational purpose--and align them for astonishing results • Overcome resistance and skepticism • Build camaraderie and deepen loyalty • Increase intrinsic motivation • Help your team find meaning in their work • Identify goals collaboratively and track progress • And more

Examples from companies large and small demonstrate how this people-centric focus ignites employee potential, increases innovation, and catapults the organization to new levels of performance. Far from being a wish-upon-a-star discussion of workplace happiness, this book presents an array of surprisingly simple strategies as well as practical 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans designed to focus your actions and make employee optimism not just a worthy goal--but a real and measurable result.


The best places to work have it. the HIGHEST-PERFORMING teams benefit from it. Because of it, individuals thrive professionally and personally—and teams and organizations flourisThe feeling. the mood. “It” is the chemistry of how you, your team, and your organization work together.

The way your workplace “feels” has a tremendous influence on people’s experience, morale, and performance. People thrive in a climate where they feel valued, where they know their contributions are meaningful, and where their core values are closely aligned with the values and character of their employer. Where they don’t feel valued, meaningful, and aligned … they just do their jobs. and today, in a world where opportunities to stand out are everywhere and the next killer idea can come from anywhere, “just doing our jobs” isn’t good enough.

They need more. and we, as leaders, need more.

It is the leaders, however, that must take the first step.

First, we need to start thinking of our people as human beings eager to make a difference in the world, not as mere “human capital.” Next, we must set out to make sure every individual, team, department, product, and service center knows they are directly contributing to the mission. Along the way, we must serve as shepherds of our culture. and finally: We must create an environment that energizes every member of our team.

In short: We must deliberately create an optimistic workplace.

Yes, some of us have lost the fire in our bellies for such bold thinking. Some of us are ready to just ride out the rest of our careers, satisfied with just doing our jobs.

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