On Wisdom: A Philosophical Dialogue

On Wisdom: A Philosophical Dialogue

On Wisdom: A Philosophical Dialogue

On Wisdom: A Philosophical Dialogue


Every word counts. Consider the title of this book. It’s not called ‘Wisdom’. It’s called ‘On Wisdom’. the ‘on’ opens up possibilities. ‘Wisdom’ suggests something more comprehensive, more definitive than what this book claims to be. This book is only one of many possible approaches to wisdom. It is limited by the characters and their setting. But most importantly, it is limited by the ability of its author. I don’t doubt that it’s possible to write the exhaustive treatise on wisdom. It’s just not something I’d care to do, even if I could.

And who would want to read it? I think a good book should be like a letter tol read every word. Accordingly, you write such a letter with a great deal of care. You craft it just so. You make every word count. Yes, this will take more time than writing at greater length in a rambling way. But even though your words will likely take less time to read, there’s a good chance they’ll be read or remembered again and again – and provide food for thought, for the heart.

I’d like to look at the whole of a chapter of this book and make a few comments. the chapter is “Rarity.” It begins thus:

Artist: Wisdom is necessarily rare.

Director: You mean everyone can’t be wise?

Artist: Yes, it’s like it is at the races. Not all the horses can win.

Sage: But wisdom isn’t about competing.

Heir: What’s it about?

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