A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis

A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis

A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis

A Southern Sportsman: The Hunting Memoirs of Henry Edwards Davis


This book presents tales of pursuing turkeys, deer, ducks, and partridges through the fields, forests, and swamps of South Carolina.


The name Henry Edwards Davis is one readily recognized by anyone familiar with the history and evolution of the sport of turkey hunting. This is thanks to the fact that his book, The American Wild Turkey, is generally recognized as the single finest treatment of the subject ever written. Published in 1949, it remains the cornerstone of any representative library on the sport and a source of interest and inspiration to turkey hunters at all levels of skill and experience. It is a classic in every sense of the word, knowledgeable as only a volume produced by a man with a lifetime of turkey-hunting experience could be, a pure joy to read, and a veritable gold mine of information. the original edition is a rare item cherished by collectors.

Davis was born and raised in South Carolina, and the vast majority of his hunting experiences, including those chronicled in this book, took place in the Palmetto State. His hunting interests ranged widely, and as the pages that follow reveal, he was a keen and astute student of the game he pursued as well as of the paraphernalia of sport. Davis was also a master craftsman, making fine furniture, designing tools, gunsmithing, and shaping turkey calls in which form followed function in exemplary fashion. (A trumpet yelper he made and personally used was sold a few years back for some fifty-five thousand dollars, the largest sum ever paid for an item of turkey-hunting memorabilia.)

His single greatest sporting passion, however, was unquestionably the quest for gobblers. He devoted much of his life and lei sure time not only to hunting America’s big game bird but also to writing about it and to investigating pioneering efforts in restocking and improving turkey habitats and related conservation efforts. Davis was a quintessential southern gentleman sportsman as well as an individual with the qualities of a Ren aissance man, who ranks as one of the true giants of American turkey hunting.

Henry Edwards Davis was born on October 4, 1879, in the small crossroads town of Gourdin in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. He grew . . .

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