The Book of Zechariah

The Book of Zechariah

The Book of Zechariah

The Book of Zechariah


Over the years, Zechariah has suffered from many accusations of obscurity and has frustrated readers seeking to unlock its treasures. This commentary by Mark Boda provides clear insight into Zechariah's meaning with sensitivity to the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of this prophetic book of the Bible.Boda presents a fresh translation of Zechariah based on the original Hebrew and offers detailed commentary to justify his translation and highlight the key themes of each passage. He addresses controversies surrounding the book even as he orients readers to the overall flow of the text and its theological significance.A valuable tool for preaching and teaching, this new commentary supplies deep and thorough reflection on a too-often-neglected book of the Old Testament.


From Jerome at the beginning of the fifth century (obscurissimus liber Zachariae prophetae) to Mark Cameron Love at the end of the twentieth century (The Evasive Text), the book of Zechariah has suffered from accusations of its obscurity, supposedly frustrating readers seeking to unlock its treasures. This accusation, however, is unwarranted, at least in comparison to the other prophetic books in which one can find an abundance of interpretive challenges and endless debates over meaning. Certainly there are many issues to be considered and many which very likely will never be resolved, but this is true of all interpretation and, of course, justifies yet another commentary on the book of Zechariah. the present introduction seeks to clarify some of the major introductory issues related to the book of Zechariah and to orient the reader to the approach taken by this commentary and provide perspectives on key issues which will arise at various points in the commentary. Translations of Zechariah throughout this commentary are by the author. Other Old Testament passages are from the nasb unless noted, occasionally modified for gender inclusivity.

I. text

The book of Zechariah has been preserved throughout the ages by painstaking reproduction of the text from generation to generation, beginning in ancient days when all that was available was papyrus or parchment and ink, then shifting to movable type of printing presses, and finally to the variety of digital formats enjoyed today. the text that is read in a plethora of modern

1. Jerome, Corpus Christianorum Series Latina, 747, cited in Lamarche, Zacharie IX– xiv, 7; Love, The Evasive Text.

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