History of Texas Christian University: A College of the Cattle Frontier

History of Texas Christian University: A College of the Cattle Frontier

History of Texas Christian University: A College of the Cattle Frontier

History of Texas Christian University: A College of the Cattle Frontier


First published by TCU Press in 1947, Colby Hall's book History of Texas Christian University: A College of the Cattle Frontier is the story of the first seventy-five years of the institution. Tracing the evolution of Add Ran College to Add Ran University, and ultimately to Texas Christian University, Hall shows the struggles and success in the transformation of a frontier college dedicated to educating and developing Christian leadership for all walks of life to a university dedicated to facing the challenges imposed by a new world frontier following World War II.

Drawing upon numerous sources, including many unpublished documents, personal correspondence, and the author's own recollections of his association with the university, Hall provides a detailed account of TCU's history and reveals how its founders' dreams were realized.

Hall's narrative skillfully weaves the development of the school into the history of Texas, at the same time elaborating upon the development of collegiate education in Texas and the establishment of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the state. Recognizing that TCU is much more than an institution, Hall specifically emphasizes the contributions of the people and personalities who helped shape the growth of the school.


When Megan and I first visited the campus of Texas Christian University in 2002, it was love at first sight. We were charmed by all of the dedicated and talented people we met, faculty, staff, and students alike; by the extraordinary momentum of a university aspiring to excellence; and by the beautiful campus and imposing Beaux Arts architecture. I departed campus knowing that I would be truly disappointed if I was not selected as TCU’s tenth chancellor. Our prayers were answered.

When I returned to campus it did not take long for me to become enamored with TCU’s rich history and great traditions and then to realize that any of our present successes resulted from the remarkable work of those who came before us. Whatever we achieved came from the achievements of the men and women who built and advanced tcu. That Colby Hall’s subtitle of this book features the word “frontier” is evidence of both obstacles and opportunities for TCU’s founders, Addison and Randolph Clark, and the many campus leaders like Colby Hall who followed. Through their visionary perseverance and dedication, the frontier university survived and flourished. Because of their resolve and tenacity, tcu continues to thrive today.

Colby Hall’s History of Texas Christian University is truly one of TCU’s most valuable assets. the insights and stories in its pages are exceptionally rare, unique, and irreplaceable. the information carefully and lovingly included in the history must never be forgotten. We are indebted to Professor Hall for leaving it for our careful consideration. in the history’s dedication, he thoughtfully concludes by paying tribute to Addison Clark: “My chief desire in writing this story is to help pass on to succeeding generations, some measure of the spirit I found in you.” By bringing this treasured book back into print, our chief desire is to showcase the indomitable tcu spirit for current and future Horned Frogs. We are indeed more than blessed to have such a compelling legacy upon which we may continue to build such a promising future.

Victor J. BOsCHInI jr. Chancellor 2003 -

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