She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World

She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World

She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World

She-Q: Why Women Should Mentor Men and Change the World


This book takes readers on a fascinating intellectual journey that showcases SHE-Q as the next great emerging intelligence--a force that can remake the world.


This book has been in my mind and in my computer for way too long. I knew much of what I wanted to write long before I ever found research that actually supported it, and it has been thrilling to see what I only sensed was true years ago come into reality.

Having finally completed SHE-Q, I have arrived at a meta-perspective from which to view the interwoven and complex issues of women, men, culture, and how we know what we know. Anything written about women automatically seems to have implications for men and vice versa. in addition, every man and woman is a product of an ever-changing culture. Because there are layers upon layers of beliefs that shape and influence each level of knowing, I was forced to go all the way to the bottom lines in nature to find what true equality really looks like. Because our knowledge is so skewed toward the masculine perspective, this was my only option before I could even begin to understand the real issues that need to be addressed today. What I didn’t realize when I started this process was how the implications of imbalance extended far beyond the relationships between men and women to include our earth and our literal future.

Having arrived at this point, the truths that lie at the bottom of the issues included here have all become quite clear. Granted, because patriarchal values have been present since the first written words, it may be hard for a person who has not yet taken this journey to even imagine what a new, more balanced way of thinking would look like. We have a tendency to accept things the way they are because this is the way things have always been.

Traditional knowledge, culture, and values, however, don’t have to remain the same. We are entering a whole new era. For thousands of years, males created knowledge based on what they knew, and not surprisingly, it worked in their favor. We believed it because they said it and there was no real way to counter these pronouncements other than disagreeing. Today countless advances enable us to see objectively, for the first time, how incorrect these pronouncements were. So much of what has been attributed . . .

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