Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11

Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11

Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11

Tikal Reports, Numbers 1-11


This study treats the entire corpus of stone and wood monuments from the Maya site of Tikal and lesser periphery locations. Each description includes details of provenience and condition. Every carved surface is illustrated by a standardized scale drawing, supplemented in almost every case by photographs.


The papers contained in this volume represent the first of a series of technical reports on the University Museum’s archaeological project at Tikal. They cover the work of the second field season under the direction of Edwin M. Shook. the first season, in 1956, was devoted to camp construction, clearing, trail cutting, and preliminary exploration.

An archaeological project of the magnitude of that we are undertaking at Tikal is beyond the means of most institutions without the cooperation and support of a large number of organizations and individuals. We have been extremely fortunate in this respect and herewith most gratefully acknowledge the contributions of both money and services that have made the project possible. We are particularly indebted to the Government of Guatemala for its cooperation and especially for air transport of personnel and equipment from the capital. the late President, Carlos Castillo Armas, and his successor Miguel Idigoras Fuentes have given the project complete and enthusiastic support. Carlos Samayoa C., Director of the Institute of Anthropology and History, Antonio Tejeda, Director of the National Museum of Archaeology and History, Lic. Adolfo Molina Orantes, and Colonel Ramiro Gereda Asturias have been particularly helpful.

To two great Foundations, the American Philosophical Society and the Rockefeller Foundation, we are most grateful for financial support, as we are to the United Fruit Co. for substantial aid in the transportation of supplies, and to the Carnegie Institution of Washington for a field library and much valuable equipment.

A great deal of material assistance was received from firms engaged in exploring for oil in the region around Tikal. We are especially indebted to Esso Standard (Guatemala), Inc., the Petty Geophysical Exploration Co., the Signal Oil Co., the Union Oil Co., and the Aero Service Corp.

Finally, we wish to thank those who wish to remain anonymous and the following individuals in both Guatemala and the United States whose most generous contributions, whether of money, time, energy, or of all three, have meant so much to the success of the project so far:

Dr. Fernando Aldana the Honorable Norman Armour Mr. Brandon Barringer the Honorable and Mrs. John Biggs, Jr. the Honorable Spruille Braden Mr. Orville Bullitt Sr. Carlos Castañeda M. Mrs. W. G. Chard Mrs. Martha Randolph Daura Sr. Inocencio del Busto R. Mr. and Mrs. John Dimick Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Eckert Sr. Victor Gonzalez Mr. George F. Guillemin . . .

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