Dancing in Dreamtime

Dancing in Dreamtime

Dancing in Dreamtime

Dancing in Dreamtime


Fans today may be surprised to learn Scott Russell Sanders was previously one of the brightest science-fiction newcomers of the 1980s. In Dancing in Dreamtime, he returns to his roots, exploring both inner and outer space in a speculative collection of short stories. At a time when humankind faces unprecedented, global-scale challenges from climate change, loss of biodiversity, dwindling vital resources, and widespread wars, this collection of planetary tales will strike a poignant chord with the reader. Sanders has created worlds where death tolls rise due to dream deprivation, where animals only exist in mechanical form, and where poisoned air forces people to live in biodomes. Never before has Sanders's writing been so relevant and never before have the lessons in these stories been so important.


By the time I reached the Anatomy Library all the bones had been checked out. At every table, students bent over yawning boxes, assembling feet and arms, scribbling in notebooks, muttering Latin names. Half the chairs were occupied by slouching skeletons, and skulls littered the floor like driftwood.

Since I also needed to cram for the following day’s exam, I asked the librarian to search one last time for bone-boxes in the storeroom.

“I’ve told you there aren’t any more,” she said, frowning at me from beneath a tangle of dark hair, like a vexed animal caught in a bush. How many students had already pestered her for bones this evening?

“Are there partial skeletons? Mismatched sets? Irregulars?” the librarian measured me with her stare, as if estimating the size of box my bones would fill. She was young enough to be a student herself, yet shadows drooped beneath her eyes, like the painted tears of a clown. “Irregulars,” she repeated. “You’re sure?”

“I’ll take anything.”

A bitten-off smile quirked her lips. Then she turned away from the desk, murmuring, “Very well. I’ll see what I can find.”

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