The Future for Creative Writing

The Future for Creative Writing

The Future for Creative Writing

The Future for Creative Writing


This is a compelling look at the current state and future direction of creative writing by a preeminent scholar in the field.

  • Explores the practice of creative writing, its place in the world, and its impact on individuals and communities
  • Considers the process of creative writing as an art form and as a mode of communication
  • Examines how new technology, notably the internet and cell phones, is changing the ways in which creative work is undertaken and produced
  • Addresses such topics as writing as a cultural production, the education of a creative writer, the changing nature of communication, and different attitudes to empowerment


From Whence…

Some of this book is about the Future for Creative Writing from the point of view of that already in place and now evolving. Some of this book is about where creative writing might be in years to come, if changes in the wider world influence the practice and understanding of creative writing in reasonably predictable ways. Some of this book imagines scenarios purely for the future; other parts of this book look to the past and present in order to suggest why things are as they are and why they will build on their present states to become other things.

This book is strongly influenced by researching and teaching in three creative writing teaching and research locations of the world: the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is mostly influenced by involvement in work undertaken in the English language; however, it has been a privilege to work also with those writing and teaching in languages as different from each other as Welsh, Chinese, Japanese, German, Scots Gaelic, Czech, Dutch, Urdu, Hindustani, French, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, Afrikaans, and Malay. Among others! Some people have considered that creative writing in universities has principally been a phenomenon of the United States, the United . . .

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