Stairway to Tyranny: Corporate Creep, Globalism and the Loss of Liberty

Stairway to Tyranny: Corporate Creep, Globalism and the Loss of Liberty

Stairway to Tyranny: Corporate Creep, Globalism and the Loss of Liberty

Stairway to Tyranny: Corporate Creep, Globalism and the Loss of Liberty


The continuing struggle for absolute authority over the United States has been a series of defeats for the spirit of liberty and individualism that were the guiding stars of our Founding Fathers. Or most of them. The defeat of individual enterprise began with the de facto central bank of New York, and the corporations that have grown up around it.

This rule of the Corporation continued until the people demanded that limits be put into place. To little avail!

Forty years after WW2, the checks and balances on the corporations were removed in Reagan's plan of deregulation. Twenty years after that, 9/11 provided the excuse for passing the Patriot Act, which removed the checks and balances preventing the president from placing himself in the position of absolute authority.

Now, here we stand in our own present day and time on the threshold of the unthinkable, and it has materialized right before our eyes.


This book reviews the historical precedents that show how we in America are being set up for an authoritarian take-over, and it calls for all citizens to work together to stop it in its tracks. us history as we know it has been twisted and distorted to throw us off the trail, so that we misread the signs that indicate the danger we are in. Every major issue has been condensed into an emotional distraction for the purpose of concealing the facts.

Is America the exceptional nation, is it different? Is it the land of unassailable Liberty?

Can we believe that there is no danger of “fascism” or “totalitarianism” here? That there’s no corporate stranglehold on the economy; no collusion between Washington and the bankers/businesses; no creeping laws that take private property away from hard-working families and individuals for the benefit of those at the top…?

Are we not, rather, smug and blind, walking right into the trap? Authority is being concentrated, our liberties are chipped away, and what little wealth we manage to scrape together is confiscated on more and more flimsy pretexts. the privately-held resource base that was supposed to be the bedrock of this country is being taken away, and the average citizen is turned into a feudal serf, a debtslave, subservient to a central bank and the corporations it finances.

According to this author’s investigations, the roots of the problem were planted in Colonial America, when the words on our fine founding documents said one thing but the structures that were the building blocks of the real new nation prepared for a different future. Now the end game is here. Within the next few years, we may wake up to see an America in the total grip of authoritarian . . .

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