The Presidency of the United States: A Student Companion

The Presidency of the United States: A Student Companion

The Presidency of the United States: A Student Companion

The Presidency of the United States: A Student Companion


The Presidency of the United States is an illustrated A-to-Z guide to the U.S. Presidency, including biographical sketches of each President and Vice President, along with articles on presidential powers, presidential history, theories about the presidency, presidential elections, advisors and agencies, and information about the daily workings of the White House. The second edition is completely revised up to March 2001, with new Biographies of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and completely updated biographies of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. There are also new general articles on African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Women in the Executive branch and existing articles have been fine-tuned to include memorable events of the 7 years since publication of the first edition of this book. Illustrations include portraits, cartoons, and Presidential memorabilia. Articles are cross-referenced with suggestions for further reading listed at the end of each article as well as at the end of the book. Websites are now provided in the updated appendix of Presidential Libraries and Museums.


The articles in this Companion are arranged alphabetically, so you can look up words, concepts, or names as you come across them in other readings. You can then use the SEE ALSO listings at the end of an article to read about related subjects. In some cases, you may find that the Companion deals with information under a different article name than what you looked up. In these cases, the book will refer you immediately to the proper article. For example, if you look up Executive Protective Service, you will find the notation “SEE Secret Service, U.S.” If you cannot find a separate article on a particular subject, look in the index, which will guide you to the relevant articles. All people are listed alphabetically by last name; for example, the entry for John Adams is listed as Adams, John, under A.

You can also use this Companion topically, by reading all the articles that deal with a particular aspect of the Presidency. Below is a grouping of topics and the suggested order in which articles can be read.

Biographies: There are articles on all the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States and selected First Ladies. The biographical dates used throughout this book are generally accepted by scholars; readers may find that some dates vary in “standard sources.” You can find statistical information about the Presidents and Vice Presidents in chronological order by consulting the table in Appendix 2.

Powers: If you want to know about the constitutional powers of the President, you can read articles such as Appointment power, Commander in chief, Creation of the Presidency, and Veto power. Articles on checking and balancing Presidential power include the following: Censure, resolutions of; Checks and balances; Ethics, Presidential; Impeachment; and War Powers Resolution (WPR).

Election and succession: A number of articles deal with Presidential nominations and elections, including Congressional caucus; Debates, Presidential; and Ticket, for example. Regarding succession, see such articles as Assassinations, Presidential . . .

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