Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity - Vol. 2

Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity - Vol. 2

Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity - Vol. 2

Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity - Vol. 2


Volume 2 of the writings of Richard Hooker, including the last 4 books of his best known work "Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity" (1594-97), along with commentary and bibliography.


2:1.1–3 To the Most Reverend … England. Book V was dedicated to John Whitgift, archbishop of Canterbury, H’s patron; see W. Speed Hill, “The Evolution of Hooker’s Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity” S.R.H. (1972), p. 125.

2:1.9-12 that Discipline … approbation, Whitgift endorsed the ms of Book V from which Windet set print (2:xiv–xv) in accordance with the “Discipline” or law, most likely the Star Chamber decree of 1586, procured by Whitgift (Collinson, E.P.M., p. 274), investing the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of London with responsibility for licensing books. See H. S. Bennett, English Books and Readers 1558–1603 (Cambridge: the University Press, 1965), pp. 56–64. “The Stationers’ Register entry for January 29, 1593, assigns rights to John Windet for ‘Eight books by Richard Hooker,’ with the notation that they had been ‘Auothorised by the lord archbishop of Canterbury his grace under his hand’”; Hill, “Evolution,” S.R.H., p. 133; Arber, Transcript, 2:625.

2:1.22–2.3.agreat. Gregory of Nazianzus (330?-390?), patriarch of Constantinople, Oration 39, In sancta lumina, chap. 2; Opera (1550), p. 233; pg, 36.2:336: As Bayne notes, H’s “quotation reverses the meaning of the last clause of Gregory” (p. 2n).

2:2.7-11 the errors which we seeke … suffer. the reference is most likely to Whitgift’s writings, esp. The Defense of the Aunswere (1574), his policy against the Puritans, esp. the enforcement of subscription from 1584 on, and their supression in 1590–93. See Collinson, E.P.M., pp. 243–272, 403–431. There is also an allusion here to Whitgift’s motto, “Vincit qui patitur,” “He overcometh who suffereth with patience” (Bayne, p. 3n).

2:2.15-16 . . .

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