The Making of John Lennon: The Untold Story behind the Rise and Fall of the Beatles

The Making of John Lennon: The Untold Story behind the Rise and Fall of the Beatles

The Making of John Lennon: The Untold Story behind the Rise and Fall of the Beatles

The Making of John Lennon: The Untold Story behind the Rise and Fall of the Beatles


Despite the nearly universal fame of the Beatles, many people only know the fairytale version of the iconic group’s rise to fame. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of Liverpool, Francis Kenny reveals the real John Lennon who preceded the legend, showing how his childhood shaped his personality, creative process, and path to success, and how it also destroyed his mental health, leading to the downfall of one of the most confident and brilliant musicians of the past century.

The Making of John Lennon is a must-read for any Beatles fan. It explains how Lennon’s turbulent family background affected his relationships, why the true inspiration for “Strawberry Fields” could not be revealed, how Pete Best's college connection led to his removal from the group, and why class backgrounds were the real reason for the breakup of the legendary band. Offering a complex portrait of Lennon’s early life, The Making of John Lennon tells the true story behind the rise of the legendary icon.


John lennon could only have been born in Liverpool and Francis certainly provides an answer “why” in this book, analysing John’s life and what made John Lennon become John Lennon.

Not only the times John lived through and was born into, but the thread that wound throughout the city’s history, including its Celtic heritage due to its existence as one of the greatest ports in the world.

Capturing history before it fades and disappears forever is difficult because even recent history has its many different aspects, seen from different points of view, which often distort the reality of events. However, dedicated research often continues to uncover facts which have been contrary to events which really happened, such as the fact that John was never born during a heavy air raid which so many previous books have contended.

This isn’t a roller-coaster ride, skipping through John’s life, but a carefully prepared examination of his early years, slowly examining the general picture that surrounded John’s life, rather than focusing on one specific aspect, wrapping the surroundings of the city, the family, the friends, the music and the events which forged the young man who became a 20th century icon, into a whole.

Some of the conclusions in John’s personal story might prove controversial because time and the passing of many of the main characters, including John himself, leave us with no option but to analyse what has previously been said and documented, taking into consideration the different viewpoints made at the time.

Early in 1960 John Lennon, Stuart Sutcliffe, Rod Murray and I formed the Dissenters, whose aim was to make Liverpool famous! We figured that Liverpool had more than its fair share of musicians, writers, comedians, artists and sculptors. We four would attempt to do this in our various ways—John with his music, Stuart and Rod with their painting and me with my writing. (A plaque, made by my art school friend Fred O’Brien, dedicated to the place where we made our vow is to be found in Ye Cracke, Rice Street).

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