Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, and Theories

Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, and Theories

Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, and Theories

Latin American Women Dramatists: Theater, Texts, and Theories


The book highlights the many possibilities of the innovative work of these dramatists, and this will, it is to be hoped, help the editors to achieve one of their other key goals: productions of the plays in English." --Times Literary Supplement

This thoughtfully crafted book with its insightful and informative studies elucidates an overlooked, essential component of the Latin American literary canon." --Choice

Contributors discuss 15 works of Latin-American playwrights, delineate the artistic lives of women dramatists of the last half of the twentieth century--from countries as diverse as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela--and highlight the problems inherent in writing under politically repressive governments.


Una de las primeras tareas de la crítica del teatro de la
mujer en America Latina es descubrir la existencia de
mujeres escribiendo teatro.

—Juan Villegas

The essays selected for this volume reflect our interest in providing a forum for critical discussion of women who have worked in and written for the theater during the latter half of the twentieth century. These women began to write in ever-increasing numbers after the 1960s, due, in part, to the political movements and upheaval of this watershed decade. the fervent dissension, reaction to repression, and resistance, exhibited in the political turmoil and student activism of the times, precipitated the entrance of women and other marginalized groups into a reconfigured public space.

Feminism, in its mid-twentieth-century manifestation in Latin America, was also instrumental in motivating more women to write for the theater. a number of women dramatists began to make a more substantive impact on the field, as María Mercedes Jaramillo and Nora Eidelberg have noted:

La concientización femenina, que se ha incrementado en los últi
mos años, ha estimulado en gran medida la creación literaria de las
dramaturgas. … Es indispensable reconocer la labor de las mu
jeres en el teatro latinoamericano, ya que el mundo del espec
táculo ha sido uno de los espacios vedados a la mujer y el que más
trabajo le ha costado penetrar en el campo de las artes…. (Voces
en escena

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