101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks off Service

101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks off Service

101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks off Service

101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks off Service


Today's customers are demanding service that is faster, better, and more personalized than ever before. How can organizations ensure that they are prepared to meet that challenge? The latest addition to the best-selling Knock Your Socks Off Service(R) series, 101 Activities for Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service provides readers with the practical tools and cost-effective training required to help meet their customers' needs. Taking the unique position of seeing things from the customer's perspective, this collection of fun and enlightening exercises teaches customer service managers and employees valuable ways to help their organizations provide world-class service, and helps them create an action plan for improvement. Written in the same accessible and humorous style that made Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service so popular, this companion guide covers such topics as: • how to say no • empathy vs. sympathy • service recovery • listening • email • telephone skills • customers from hell • winning words and soothing phrases • anticipating customer needs • building reliability • customer feedback • keeping a stress log • and more These simple but effective activities take only minutes, but deliver truly powerful, lasting results.


About this book

Over the years, as we’ve worked with thousands of customer-service professionals around the world, we have heard a common request. As people have read the book Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, or attended a workshop based on its concepts, they’ve wondered if any follow-up training activities existed that they could use with their service teams. What these customer-service leaders sought were short, impactful learning exercises to help build on or reinforce ideas found in the book or discussed in our workshops.

We realized we would be remiss if we didn’t listen closely to our customers and try to meet their needs. Indeed, it would be tantamount to not walking our service talk. That is a big reason this book now rests in your hands. We hope, in fact, not to have simply met your needs with this collection of Knock Your Socks Off training exercises but to have exceeded your expectations.

While the 101 activities included here serve as natural companion pieces to the book and workshops, they also are designed to be used in stand-alone fashion. Any customer-service team in virtually any industry can benefit from the exercises without prior exposure to the Knock Your Socks Off Service line of products.

We created the activities with the demands of the busy customer-service function in mind. Whether you’re serving customers in a vast call center, on the floor of a retail organization, or at the window of a financial institution, your plate runneth over with customer questions, problems, new products or services, or new technologies. We know there are days when you are fielding these questions, troubleshooting the problems, learning about the new products, or mastering the new technologies, and you barely have time to come up for air.

That’s why most of the activities in the book can be completed in 30 minutes or less. They are designed to be used as motivational sessions before your team starts its work shift, as part of brown-bag lunch seminars, during regular teambuilding sessions, or as short add-ons to existing customer-service training . . .

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