Teens Have Style! Fashion Programs for Young Adults at the Library

Teens Have Style! Fashion Programs for Young Adults at the Library

Teens Have Style! Fashion Programs for Young Adults at the Library

Teens Have Style! Fashion Programs for Young Adults at the Library


Authors Sharon Snow and Yvonne Reed present fashion as a way to offer a fun and interesting program for teens in the library--and not just for girls. Today's fashion-savvy teenaged guys are just as likely to be eager participants.


Teenagers have events in their lives when they will need to dress up and look extra special. Homecoming, the Prom, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen, and Quinceanera are a few examples of important events in a teen’s life. You can highlight and support these events in your library though various programs, activities, and the collection. Many of the “All Dressed Up” programs are labor intensive requiring a long planning period and a large number of volunteers; these “big” programs bring many benefits.

The publicity that will be generated is a large benefit to the library. These programs promote community involvement and allow a librarian to develop partnerships with local businesses. They should draw nonlibrary teens to come to the library. Because these programs involve the community, they generate support for other library programming in the library.


Cinderella’s Closet

About the program:

The purpose of Cinderella’s Closet is to help teens find a new outfit for the big event. the closet offers a no-cost alternative to shopping. It promotes a “green lifestyle” by reusing gently used evening wear. One to two months prior to the program, begin to collect prom dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories. As part of the publicity, state that the dresses must be clean and in a garment bag or on a hanger. If the size is not on the dress, include the size on the hanger or garment. Some librarians have found other creative ways to increase the selection of prom attire by asking for donations from retail shops and thrift stores. Don’t forget that parents may also have formal wear that is appropriate for this type of event. If teens donate items, have parents come in with them or have a signed permission slip from the parent. Please see “Introduction” for Swaps ideas.

Suggested number of participants: More than 10 and fewer than 50

Suggested program length: 2– 4 hours (program can also be held for a couple of hours throughout a specified week)

Publicity: the placement of publicity must be carefully considered in terms of the possible number of participants you can accommodate. If 50 is your top number, you need to specify that this . . .

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