The Great Offensive

The Great Offensive

The Great Offensive

The Great Offensive


"--And supposing there is a famine in Russia," continued my interlocutor, an American business man of national renown and known for his liberalism, "what will happen?"

"People will die, of course," I answered.

"And supposing three or four million people die."

"The Revolution will go on."

"And Stalin."

"He may remain, he may go, but the Revolution will go on.

Students of Soviet Russia, with an intimate knowledge of the people and the conditions of the country, will, I feel certain, concur in this opinion. Leaders may come and go, famine may fall on the land, a breakdown there may be in the steel or coal industry, policies may change, repressions may increase, but, unless a war comes and imposes a foreign rule on Russia, the Revolution will march on. In the years of its existence it has gathered such momentum that it cannot halt. It must press forward. What I mean is that the efforts of the Communist Party and of the Soviets to recast human society and to reconstruct the human personality have gone so far that they cannot be stopped.

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