Problems of Public Finance

Problems of Public Finance

Problems of Public Finance

Problems of Public Finance


This book is intended primarily for use in elementary courses in Public Finance. It presumes an elementary acquaintance with the general principles of economics but not an intensive study of economic theory. The theoretical discussion is carried, it is believed, at the most suitable level for this type of students.

The value of a course in elementary public finance consists chiefly in the understanding which the student should obtain of the principles underlying the fiscal aspects of State activities. But such an understanding is not easily obtained, will not long abide, and is rather meaningless while it lasts, unless it is related to actual fiscal experience and organization. For this reason a considerable amount of descriptive material has been incorporated, possibly in greater amounts, and doubtless more nearly exclusively from the experiences of the United States, than would be approved by some teachers.

The sources from which I have drawn in the preparation of the manuscript are numerous. For the greater part special acknowledgments can not be made. For example, I am indebted to the many more or less patient students of the University of Kansas who have endured the experimentation necessary to the preparation.

Professors Roy G. Blakey of the University of Minnesota and H. A. Millis of the University of Chicago were my teachers in public finance, and through them my interest in the field was aroused and quickened. Dr. J. Viner of the University of Chicago has carefully read the manuscript and suggested many redeeming changes. Mr. Domenico Gagliardo, Instructor in Economics in the University of Kansas, has read the proofs. I wish also to acknowledge the valuable suggestions of the editor of this series, Professor Seba Eldridge of the University of Kansas.


LAWRENCE KAN. March, 1924 . . .

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