New York Advancing

New York Advancing

New York Advancing

New York Advancing


In the first edition published in 1936, with a second printing in 1937, New York Advancing gave the citizens a record of two years of accomplishment and a forecast of plans for two more years. In this edition there are briefly summarized the advances of the five and a quarter years of the La Guardia Administration and a description of the municipal government in its present development. As formerly, there is a forward-looking aspect in our story as improvements are constantly in the making; from week to week new developments are reported. We have included them up to the last minute of going to press.

It may be interesting for you to note that the future plans as pictured in the former edition are now described in this World's Fair Edition as realities.

The record as printed here is visualized for you in a dramatic way in the City Exhibit Building at the New York World's Fair. Every one of sixty-two departments of the City has its individual display.

Therefore, New York Advancing includes an "Official Guide to City of New York Exhibit Building" as a supplement. It contains a floor plan of the Exhibits and a brief description in outline form of each departmental exhibit. The "Official Guide" as a separate leaflet may be carried easily in your hand to be consulted as you view the exhibits at the Fair. New York Advancing is the permanent record that you will wish to take home and peruse at your leisure and have available for future consultation.

This book is the result of co-operative effort by all the departments, as are most of the works of this Administration, because such a spirit emanates from City Hall. The Mayor has given the effort every encouragement.

The contents of this book are arranged from the viewpoint of the visitor to the World's Fair. You will be seeing the City before you arrive at the Fair, and your first impressions will concern the Planning of the City. Next, Safety is considered, and equally important will be the Living Conditions you encounter. Following that, Recreation will engross you, and Education may come within your purview. Making and Enforcement of Law has its place in making our City agreeable . . .

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