Captive Rumania: A Decade of Soviet Rule

Captive Rumania: A Decade of Soviet Rule

Captive Rumania: A Decade of Soviet Rule

Captive Rumania: A Decade of Soviet Rule


The case of Rumania is undoubtedly one of the most instructive illustrations in contemporary history of the methods employed by Soviet Russia to subjugate an independent non-communist country. It also exemplifies the illusions and weaknesses of a democratic power challenged by the Soviet will to expand.

Rumania's case shows how Soviet Russia violates its most solemn international undertakings; it shows the manner in which Soviet Russia interprets such pledges. Rumania's independence and security were guaranteed througn formal pacts and solemn statements. Each and every one of these was set at nought by Soviet Russia.

Rumania's case demonstrates how a non-communist country, once subjugated, is forcibly transformed into a communist society by the brutal destruction of its traditional institutions, the suppression of public liberties and human rights, and the prohibition of dissent.

It shows how any attempt at cooperation or coexistence is used by Soviet Russia as a step toward total domination. It shows how any friendly overture is made use of by Soviet Russia as a bridgehead for subsequent advances. It shows the fate of private organizations that allow themselves to be seduced by communist appeals, in the sincere belief that in so doing they serve the cause of understanding or of peace.

Rumania's case shows how the vocabulary and ideas of Western civilization are utilized and corrupted by communist propaganda, their power of attraction and persuasion used deliberately to destroy their content.

It demonstrates how a country, once subjugated, is exploited, its material resources and manpower absorbed into Soviet Russia's economy to in-

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