Market Cultures: Society and Morality in the New Asian Capitalisms


Market Cultures examines the spectacular growth of capitalist enterprise among overseas Chinese & Southeast Asians. It does so, not through formal models, but by way of the varied cultures & organizations in which Asian capitalism is embedded. Eschewing talk of a uniform Asian "miracle," the book shows that there existed complex precedents for & against market capitalism in East & Southeast Asia, precedents that reflected subcultural heritages of religion, ethnicity, gender, & class. The case studies illuminate a cultural variety unacknowledged in most analyses of modern capitalism but vitally important for anyone wishing to understand one of the great economic transformations of our time. Contents: Introduction: Society & Morality in the New Asian Capitalism, Robert W. Hefner. CHINESE CAPITALISMS & CULTURAL PLURALISM. Culture & Organization in Taiwan's Market Economy, Gary G. Hamilton. Divided Market Cultures in China: Gender, Enterprise, & Religion, Robert P. Weller. Getting Rich Is Not So Glorious: Contrasting Perspectives on Prosperity Among Muslims & Han in China, Dru C. Gladney. INDIGENES & CHINESE IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. Business Success Among the Southeast Asian Chinese: The Role of Culture, Values, & Social Structures, Jamie Mackie. Constituting Capitalist Culture: The Singapore Malay Problem & Entrepreneurship Reconsidered, Tania Murray Li. The "Great Transformation" Among Negeri Sembilan Malays, with Particular Reference to Chinese & Minangkabau, Michael G. Peletz. SOUTHEAST ASIAN CAPITALISMS. Women Traders in Javanese Marketplaces: Ethnicity, Gender, & the Entrepreneurial Spirit, Jennifer Alexander. Markets & Justice for Muslim Indonesians, R. W. Hefner. Contingent Moralities: Social & Economic Investment in a Philippine Fishing Town, David L. Szanton. State Stigma, Family Prestige, & the Development of Commerce in the Red River Delta of Vietnam, Shaun Kingsley Malarney. Engendered Entrepreneurship: Ideologies & Political-Economic Transformation in a Northern Vietnamese Center of Ceramics Production, Hy van Luong.

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Includes content by:
  • Gary G. Hamilton
  • Robert P. Weller
  • Dru C. Gladney
  • Jamie MacKie
  • Tania Murray Li
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Boulder, CO
Publication year:
  • 1998


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