The Struggle for Germany

The Struggle for Germany

The Struggle for Germany

The Struggle for Germany


The intention of this book is to demonstrate that Germany is the most important single problem of American foreign policy and that the fate of the world may rest on the direction which Germany takes.

There are no easy answers to the internal problem in Germany or the struggle for Germany's future. One of the major detriments to clear political thinking in our time is the habit, which we have caught from the totalitarians, of thinking in terms of black and white. This book will not tell you whether Germany is "democratic" or "Fascist" or "Communist." Nor will it tell you conclusively the direction Germany will take in the future. It will, I hope, demonstrate the penalties of failure and the rewards of success in Germany. Ultimately, whether we succeed or fail in Germany depends on the people of the United States.

What I have tried to do is tell how the struggle for Germany has been fought thus far and how I believe it will go in the future.

My personal connection with Germany began on a September afternoon in 1944 when, just after we had crossed a narrow bridge, a shell burst in the field adjoining the road.

"Here we are in Germany," said the sergeant, "and they don't seem glad to see us!"

From 1939 to 1945 as a war correspondent first for the Associated Press and then for the New York Times I was at the . . .

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