Drama as Rhetoric/Rhetoric as Drama: An Exploration of Dramatic and Rhetorical Criticism


This volume explores the fascinating aesthetic and social connectionbetween drama and rhetoric. Inasmuch as drama seeks to keep an audience engaged, it takes on rhetoricalqualities; likewise, rhetorical endeavor may employ dramatic appeal. Centuriesago, Aristotle's companion pieces The Rhetoric and The Poeticgenerated crosscurrents of critical thought about rhetorical and dramatictheory. Recently, such critic-theorists as Kenneth Burke, Ernest Bormann,Elder Olson, Paul de Man, and others have stirred up these currents afresh. The contributors to this volume take provocative new approaches to enduringissues.
• • • • Contents
• • • • PART I: Rhetorical Dimensions to the Drama: The Classical Context Enthymeme and the Invention of Troping in Greek Drama, August W. Staub Theorizing the Spectacle: A Rhetorical Analysis of Tragic Recognition,Tom Heeney Exile and the Kingdom: Reason as Nightmare in the Aeschylean Vision, John Arthos PART II: The Rhetorical in Renaissance and Neoclassical Drama Epideictic Pastoral: Rhetorical Tensions in the Staging of Torquato Tasso's Aminta, Maria Galli Stampino Shakespeare's Rhetoric versus the Ideologyof Ian McKellen's Richard III, George L. Geckle And Now for Application:Venice Preserv'd and the Rhetoric of Textual Application, Odai Johnson PART III: War, Politics, and the Drama Federalist and RepublicanTheatre in the 1790s, Steve Wilme Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Rhetoric of Gradualism, Charles Wilbanks Dario Fo's Angry Farce, Stanley Vincent Longman PART IV: Contemporary Culture Stain upon the Silence: Samuel Beckett's Deconstructive Inventions, Leigh Anne Howard Still Angry after All These Years: Performing the Language of HIV and the Marked Body in The Normal Heart and The Destiny of Me, Peter Michael Pober

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Includes content by:
  • George L. Geckle
  • Odai Johnson
  • Charles Wilbanks
  • Stanley Vincent Longman
  • Peter Michael Pober
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Tuscaloosa, AL
Publication year:
  • 1997


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