The Sacred Shrine: A Study of the Poetry and Art of the Catholic Church


It has not been possible to indicate the aim of the present work by means of an unequivocal title. Some introductory explanation as to the purpose of the following investigations should not, therefore, be superfluous. The reader has a claim to know for what end his attention is demanded; the author, again, has the right to defend himself against the misapprehensions to which the name of his book may give rise.

The subject I propose to treat is connected with the theory of Art, and the questions dealt with in the following pages have all been apprehended as aesthetic problems; but in the treatment of these problems other methods have been used than those of purely aesthetic inquiry. The further the work proceeded, the more evident became the necessity of taking into consideration phenomena connected only indirectly with man's artistic activity. Thus an investigation which was intended to move within only a limited department, has spread itself little by little over a far wider field of study.

According to the original design, this book was to . . .

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 1912


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