Sexuality in Close Relationships

Sexuality in Close Relationships

Sexuality in Close Relationships

Sexuality in Close Relationships


This is one of the first volumes to examine the interface between research undertaken in sexuality and that in close relationships from a social psychological perspective. Experts from several different disciplines offer chapters that contain theory, extant literature, and their own original research on such topics as jealousy, extradyadic sexuality, communication, love, and sexual coercion. Aimed at a fairly wide audience, this book will be of interest to students, faculty, and other professionals in social psychology, sociology, communication, and family and women's studies. It is also a valuable source of information for teachers, researchers, and clinicians working in the areas of human sexuality and/or close relationships.


Kathleen McKinney
Susan Sprecher
Illinois State University

For several years we have been researching and teaching human sexuality and close relationships. Recently, some of our research has dealt with the interface between these two areas (e.g., sexual standards for different relationship stages, sexual harassment, the influence of sexual behavior on perceptions of and attraction toward others, sexual aspects of dating relationships, and effects of AIDS on close relationships). We decided to edit this volume because no previous book exists that focuses on the interface between the two related fields of human sexuality and close relationships. This volume represents our second effort to provide a book on sexuality that has a sociological and social psychological viewpoint (see also Human Sexuality: The Societal and Interpersonal Context, Norwood, NJ, Ablex, 1989).

In this introduction, we will discuss the research areas of both sexuality and close relationships. This discussion will begin with definitions of the constructs sexuality and close relationships. Second, we briefly cover the history and status of the areas including key journals, conferences, and professional organizations. Next, we point out recent work that attempts to bridge the two areas. Fourth, we provide an overview of the volume (purpose, audience), and finally, we offer a brief summary description of each chapter in this volume.


We have titled this book Sexuality in Close Relationships. What do we mean by sexuality and close relationships, and what is their connection? There are several . . .

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