Germany: A Short History

Germany: A Short History

Germany: A Short History

Germany: A Short History


THIS NEW EDITION of a bestselling history of Germany, originally published in 1976, includes the great watershed of 1989-90 and its aftermath. With twelve maps, a chronology of events, and an updated bibliographical essay, Germany: A Short History provides a thorough introduction to German history from antiquity to the present.


The third edition is an extension of the second to the present, tracing the most important strands in the dramatic but complex process whereby the collapse of the East German communist regime and the end of the Cold War led to German unification and the simultaneous transformation of the European Community into the European Union (a far more tightly integrated confederation than the Common Market).

The chronology has been extended to provide coverage of the great watershed of 1989-90 and its aftermath, and an addendum to the bibliographical essay considers a selection of the more accessible literature in English on recent German history.

Donald S. Detwiler

Carbondale, Illinois December 1997 . . .

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