Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management

Public Sector Management


Intended as a text for master's level students in public administration and public policy, this volume provides an introductory survey of the field that focuses on the structures of operation, management, and environments of modern governments. The contributors address federal, state, and local governments as well as intergovernmental relations, discussing such topics as fiscal management, policy analysis, program evaluation, management and personnel administration, marketing, and the developmental progress of national governments.


This edited text is intended for courses providing an initial survey of the field of U.S. public administration, including courses in political science and public administration curricula. It focuses on the structures of operations, management, and environments of modern governments. The three main actors in our federalist system--federal, state, and local governments--as well as intergovernmental relations are addressed here.

Government operations discussed include fiscal (budgeting and financial) management, policy analysis, and program evaluation. In the area of management, organizational theory, leadership, and personnel administration are covered. Finally, the text addresses the use and adaptation from the private sector of marketing techniques; the developmental progress of national governments akin to Maslow (1954) hierarchy of individual needs; and the development of historical, philosophical values that constitute the framework for future governance.


Political, economic, and social trends all impact on modern governments and their managers. Politically, current issues range from systemic questions including the utility of U.S. political institutions and the shift in responsibilities within the federalist system to concerns about our political leadership and questions about specific policies including the pressing environmental issues of disposing of toxic and nuclear wastes. Economically, challenges run the gamut from the ongoing U.S. transition from a national to a global economy to the . . .

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