Review of Sociology: Analysis of a Decade

Review of Sociology: Analysis of a Decade

Review of Sociology: Analysis of a Decade

Review of Sociology: Analysis of a Decade


In 1954 the editor of this volume suggested to the publisher that a regular, although not necessarily frequent, review of sociology be undertaken, similar to the volumes now being published in the fields of psychology, physiology, medicine, and a number of others. The suggestion was based on a consensus among many of my colleagues that such a volume would fulfill a fundamental need arising from the fact that the research literature in sociology proliferated at a rapid rate in the decade following the close of World War II and that the sources of publication have been diffuse. There has also been no over-all summary and evaluation of the literature for this period.

As the plan was conceived and executed by the contributors, each has presented and evaluated the significant literature in his given area of specialization for the years 1945 through the first quarter of 1955. As was inevitable in a task of this magnitude, there were many delays in its completion.

It is hoped that the Review will prove helpful to professional sociologists as well as to advanced students in sociology. It should also prove useful to those who are interested in the current developments in the field and who are unable to give concentrated attention to the constant flow of publications.

The editor is exceedingly grateful to the scholars who contributed to this book, and to Lami S. Gittler who assisted in the editing.


Rochester, New York August, 1957 . . .

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