A Bibliography of John Marshall

A Bibliography of John Marshall

A Bibliography of John Marshall

A Bibliography of John Marshall


This is a bibliography of books, articles and pamphlets by and about Chief Justice John Marshall. Only printed materials, exclusive of newspaper articles, are represented.

Part I, Works of John Marshall, includes all the known published documents arranged by year of composition. Collections of Marshall's writings and undated documents precede the chronological listing, while editions of the posthumous Life of George Washington, written for the use of schools immediately follow it. Documents have been placed in this chronological framework according to the original date of composition or publication. For example, Marshall's opinion "on the Potomac company," published in 1817, was actually composed twenty-five years before. It is cited under 1792, the original date of the opinion.

Marshall's books, speeches, legal opinions, and legislative contributions in the Virginia House of Delegates or the United States House of Representatives are arranged by year from 1783 to 1835. Also included are selected reprints of his decisions in separate form or in "general" magazines of his day. The various printings of his Life of George Washington are entered under the date of the edition upon which each is based; i. e., under 1804 will be found all printings of the Life based upon the text of the first edition; under 1832, those derived from the "abridged," second edition; and following 1835, the various printings of the school edition.

Under each date separate headings are used to bring together Marshall's correspondence, cases, and decisions. Under the heading Letters appears all of Marshall's private and official correspondence. A brief abstract of the letter is supplied, in addition to the recipient, place of composition, date and source. Marshall's letters written in his official capacity as Secretary of State are identified by the phrase "Dept. of State," in lieu of place of composition.

Marshall's legal contributions are cited under either Cases (through 1800) or Decisions (from 1801 to 1835). The former contains all reported cases in which Marshall appeared as attorney; the latter, each case in the United States Supreme Court or United States Circuit Court where some decision or statement of his was reported -- an opinion, point of law, or dissent (identified by the symbol (D) preceding the citation). The principle of inclusion, therefore, embraces not only "decisions" as such, but any significant comment whether related to the litigation or not. References to the cases and the decisions appear under the court of jurisdiction, in the order in which they appear in the published reports.

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