The Handwriting of English Documents

The Handwriting of English Documents

The Handwriting of English Documents

The Handwriting of English Documents


In my twenty-seven years at the Public Record Office there have been very few of my colleagues who have not contributed in some way to my education in the matters discussed in these pages. Both to my seniors, wise, patient, and infinitely generous with their help and counsel, and to my juniors, for their friendly purveyance of discoveries of all kinds, I owe a debt of gratitude which I am glad to have this opportunity of acknowledging. In preparing this book I have incurred additional obligations, especially to my friends Mr. H. C. Johnson and Mr. D. B. Wardle, not only for signal services rendered but also for their interest and encouragement, and to Mr. R. E. Latham, Mr. C. A. F. Meekings, and Mr. E. K. Timings, each of whom has supplied to me information of great value for my purposes.

Outside the Record Office I have profited from the kindness of Mr. M. F. Bond, who drew my attention to an interesting Report by a House of Lords Committee of 1836, and Mr. J. H. P. Pafford, who read the book in draft and made a number of helpful suggestions, most of which have been gratefully adopted.

For permission to use the photographs reproduced in the plates I am indebted as follows:

Plate I (a) and (b). The Trustees of the British Museum

Plate I (c), Plates II-VI, Plate VII (a) and (c), Plates VIII-XXIV, XXVI-XXXI The Deputy Keeper of the Records

Plate VII (b). The Controller of Her Majesty's Station- ery Office

Plate XXV The Rev. Canon J. S. Purvis, Director of the Borthwick Institute, York

Plate XXXII The Very Rev. the Dean of York

March 1958 L. C. H.

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