Blacks in Southern Politics


Acknowledgments Introduction: Politics and Race in the South by Robert P. Steed, Laurence W. Moreland, and Tod A. Baker Part I: The Pre-1965 Historical Context The History of Black Political Participation to 1985 by Frederick D. Wright White Violence and the Civil Rights Movement by David C. Colby The Democratic Presidency and Voting Rights in the Second Reconstruction by Mark Stern Part II: Black Participation in Southern Politics: Mass and Elite Blacks and the 1984 Elections in the South: Racial Polarization and Regional Congruence by Linda F. Williams Black Voter Registration in the South: Hypotheses and Occurences by Mark Stern Black Party Activists: A Profile by Laurence W. Moreland, Robert P. Steed, and Tod A. Baker The Transformation of the Role of Black Ministers and Black Political Organizations in Louisiana Politics by Charles D. Hadley Blacks' Political Representation in Rural Mississippi by Theodore J. Davis Jr. Part III: Southern Politics and the 1984 Presidential Campaign of Jesse Jackson Win, Jesse, Win: A Test of Models of Race and Vote by Douglas D. Ross and Paul J. Steckler Reactions to the Jackson Candidacy Among Southern Black Democratic Party Activists by E. Lee Bernick and Charles L. Prysby Jesse Jackson and the Southern White Electorate in 1984 by David O. Sears, Jack Citrin, and Rick Kosterman The Jackson Campaign in Virginia: Precinct and State-Level Activists by John J. McGlennon Part IV: Continuing Questions in Black Politics The Election of Blacks to Southern City Councils: The Dominant Impact of Electoral Arrangements by Richard L. Engstrom and Michael D. McDonald Runoff Primaries and Black Political Influence by Harold W. Stanley The Incidence of Runoff Primaries by Charles S. Bullock III and Loch K. Johnson Index

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